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The transgender movement has moved as far and fast as it has because thousands of activists everywhere are jumping in and getting things done. The grass roots, free agent nature of the movement has been our strength. So if you are doing something, keep it up. If not, please get involved in whatever way feels right to you. There is so much you can do locally!

For ideas of specific projects you can take on to make your community better for transgender people, check out NCTE's year-long campaign, 52 Things You Can Do for Transgender Equality.

Here are a few other ways you can get involved:

  • Work toward passing local laws
  • Work to make homeless shelters in your area more accepting of trans people. See our information on trans homelessness here.
  • Work with your local police/prisons or Emergency personnel to increase understanding of trans people.
  • Get involved in or start a local support group.
  • Participate is local civic committees, clubs, boards and commissions. This makes your community better and helps build expertise and credibility that can be useful in transgender activism.
  • Vote! Policymakers who support trans issues and those who are hostile both come into office because people vote. In order to increase the number of trans supportive policymakers in office, trans people and our allies must vote. Register to vote now by clicking here.
  • Volunteer on Political campaigns and in local political parties. People who work on campaigns often have enhanced access to elected officials. An office holder who knows that transgender people helped her get elected is likely to view us differently than one who does not.
  • Run for political office yourself. There have been very few openly transgender elected officials. We will never have sufficient clout in public policy until there are more.
  • Get other transgender people involved. Honor people’s right to participate in their own civil rights. And of course you can use the help. No movement can thrive without a constant influx of newly motivated and mentored activists.

Our greatest strength as a movement has always been the many local activists working to improve their own communities. Most every success we have had in recent years has resulted from grassroots activity by committed individuals and small groups at the local level.



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