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Eric Dyson, Director of Communications
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Jay Wu, Media Relations Manager
August 23, 2017

After Calls for Unity and Patriotism, President Trump Advances Transgender Military Ban

Washington, DC – The White House is expected to release a detailed plan to advance the President’s Twitter-based ban on transgender military service. This move comes hours after the President’s appeals for unity and patriotism in Reno, NV; and fewer than 24 hours after declaring the military, “no place for bigotry.” National Center for Transgender Equality Policy Director Harper Jean Tobin offers the following statement:

“Less than 24 hours after boasting that there was ‘no room for prejudice, no place for bigotry’ in the armed forces, President Trump is doubling down on discrimination by pressing forward with his ban on transgender service members. This is an insult to, and an attack on, thousands of trained, capable service members and veterans; and it is blatantly unconstitutional. Transgender service members do their jobs, serving the country they love, and are no less able to serve and deploy than anyone else.”

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