I met Pri in college, when I had just figured out that I was a transgender man and hadn’t come out to anyone yet. I didn't feel ready for a relationship at that point but she was so amazing that a few weeks later we were dating and now we’ve been together now for seven and a half years.

Spending time with Pri is my favorite thing in the entire world and I am grateful to be with her every single day. Throughout our entire relationship we have had to face the highly stressful experience ofnavigating the labyrinthine immigration system. Pri came to the U.S. from India with a student visa and every year and a half, we have to go through the same process of applying for a visa and then waiting to learn whether the government will allow us to stay together or force Pri to return to her home country. Because I am transgender I am unable to sponsor Pri for a spousal visa, so she has had to apply for various student and work visas over the past seven years. The last time was especially rough. When we finally heard the news, we hugged, kissed, and sat down on the bed. But after a few moments of joy, all I could feel was anger. Even as an American citizen I was forced to play this excruciating waiting game—there was nothing that I could do to save my family simply because I am transgender.

Luckily I was able to update the gender marker on my identification and marry the love of my life in front of our friends and family. Unfortunately for the 28,500 same-sex bi-national couples living in the United States, the wait is far from over. I know how painful it is to have the future of your family constantly in jeopardy. But NCTE is working daily to alleviate the stress and pain for thousands of couples like us.

Our country desperately needs immigration reform, and this is Our Moment to make that happen. NCTE’s Our Moment campaign is about taking advantage of a key moment of opportunity by building capacity quickly and pushing out reforms for trans rights that will help thousands of people like Pri and I. NCTE needs your support now to make this dream a reality. Together we can make a difference by fighting for immigration and dozens of other basic rights for the transgender community.