Lobby Day 2013: Frequently Asked Questions

We are looking forward to having a large and impactful Lobby Day. Many details for the event are still coming together so please refer back to this page in the future for updates and announcements.

Q: What should I wear?

A: Dress for Lobby Day is business attire. Please remember that DC is typically very warm in June and you will be walking outdoors to get to the different Congressional buildings. You should wear shoes that you can walk around in all day or you can bring comfortable shoes to carry in your bag and wear between visits with your representatives.

Q: I would like to lobby but I am undocumented. Can I attend Lobby Day?

A: Yes, you should absolutely feel like you can lobby in support of legislation. Whether or not you want to tell Congressional staff that you are undocumented is a personal choice, and NCTE staff is happy to talk to you about the pros and cons of either choice. You do not need identification to enter House and Senate office buildings.

Q: I cannot attend this lobby day. How else can I help?

A: We recognize that there are many people who are excited to make an impact but can't take the time away from home or work to attend our Lobby Day. The most important thing is that your members of Congress know that you care about the Employment Non-Discrimination Act and immigration reform. We urge you to set up a meeting with your members of Congress while they are back home during recess between Monday, August 5th and Friday, September 6th. Use our "Make Your Voice Heard" resource to learn more about how to schedule and prepare for your meeting.

Q: I have never lobbied an elected official before. How should I prepare?

A: Our Monday morning training will prepare you for your afternoon on the Hill even if you've never lobbied before. We will be going over materials, discussing the current state of the law on employment non-discrimination and immigration reform, meeting the other people who will be in our meetings, learning how to share our stories, and role-playing Congressional meetings.

Q: Is there housing and travel available for attendees?

A: We have negotiated for discounted hotel rates at the Liaison Capitol Hill (near the Lobby Day training location), and the Radisson Hotel near Reagan National Airport. Make your hotel reservations soon as these rates will increase as the Lobby Day approaches. Learn more here.

Travel is not generally provided, but we are arranging carpools for those attending the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference the weekend of June 13-15. If you would like to carpool from Philadelphia to DC on Sunday, just contact us and we're happy to help you find a car or, if you are willing to be a carpool driver, connect you with addditional riders.


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