Friday, August 4, 2017

Communities in Coalition for Trans Equality in Texas

I’ve been in Texas for the last few weeks, supporting transgender people and their loved ones in the fight against extremists trying to legislate access to restrooms. Despite five bills that aim to restrict transgender people’s access to public spaces, I’ve been inspired by the stories, experiences, and sense of hope from the trans community here, as well as allies from unexpected places.

Among all the bills currently under debate in the Texas legislature, SB 3 has gained the most traction. The bill, if passed, would ban trans people from using restrooms in schools and publicly-run facilities like parks, government buildings and many hospitals. It would also stop schools and local governments from protecting trans people from discrimination when it comes to restrooms and participating in sports.

Groups like the Transgender Education Network of TexasEquality Texas, and so many others have been laying the groundwork for a robust statewide coalition for years. Now, businesses, faith communities, and members of other progressive movements are all coming together to resist SB 3.

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