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The federal prison system is in dire need of comprehensive reform and its outdated policies negatively impact transgender individuals in multiple ways. In addition to being denied medically necessary health care, transgender prisoners are often housed without regard for their physical safety and are disrespected by using improper pronouns or wrong names. An update of federal prison policies as outlined below will provide transgender prisoners with humane treatment, as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

  • Access to Healthcare. The Federal Bureau of Prisons should issue Program Statements ensuring transgender prisoners have access to all medically necessary transition-related health care.
  • Classification of Prisoners. The Federal Bureau of Prisons should issue specific policies regarding the classification and management of transgender prisoners that take into account individualized factors such as a person’s self-identification of his or her gender and safety.
  • Safe Housing of Prisoners. The Federal Bureau of Prisons should issue Program Statements that delineate adequate measures to specifically protect the physical safety of transgender inmates without relying on automatic segregation or long-term administrative isolation.
  • Prison Rape Elimination Act Regulations. Standards set forth by the Prison Rape Elimination Commission authorized by the Prison Rape Elimination Act should be finalized and implemented by the Attorney General in a way that protects transgender federal prisoners from sexual assault.


Blog Post by Harper Jean Tobin, April 30: Urge the Attorney General to Adopt National Standards to Prevent Prison Rape

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